See that? That’s a sketch of the work in progress for the album art for ‘Awena’ by Liz Crowley. Like it? (I’m using it for the cover of the Demos Album but you only get to hear that if you were a top tier pledger on the Kickstarter funding campaign… or if you’d like to donate a similar amount towards album mastering costs! 😉 )

I’m eagerly awaiting the return of the final tracks from producer Gerry Diver and then will begin working on the sequencing of the tracks for the album as soon as I have them. It’s a simple but often crucial decision deciding the order of the songs on an album. I’ve had some really good feedback about the songs on the Asthill Grove album working as a whole and flowing well, so at least I got it right once before!

I’ve had my first rejection from a label that I was interested in working with but I’m getting over it! (and I still love you and your stuff, P!). Although not right for that particular roster I can take away the compliment from them that my songs were “lovely; dangerous, fragile, unpredictable.” I’ll take that any day over the opposite.

Meanwhile, I’m beginning plans for a wee EP – it may be a good while before Awena sees any official release and I’m not about to turn the creative taps off, so expect something in between now and that.

Some dates for your diary:

23rd November – The Glee Club, Birmingham – although not playing I will be attending the launch of Chris Tye’s new album there. I rate him and it highly and will be there myself to support.

30th November – The Clap Hands Music Club – Blue Bistro, Coventry. Playing and co-hosting with Steve Jones (aka Stylusboy) a night of music, interaction, prizes, food and drink in a beautiful old building. Pay what you want entry fee.

7th December – live with full band at the newly opened Fargo Village in Coventry. Details tba