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Last week I went down to that London to record the 11th and final track with the formidable Gerry Diver and am really chuffed that Jools Street made it with me to put down a violin line on the final song, Corin/Corinne (not decided on the spelling yet). This is great as it means both Ben and Jools feature on a song on the new album. I would’ve have loved to get Bradley to play a bass line at some point but we never quite found the right time. At the moment he’s off having the trip of a lifetime in the States, playing, visiting people, experiencing and enjoying himself. Come back in one piece Brad! We have a gig in a couple of weeks.

Whilst down there I got hear Gerry’s work on a new version of Ring On The Riverbed (sounding big and epic), Love Me Tender (from fragile phone demo to sonic apocalypse!) and Red Coat (featuring Sandra Kerr’s fantastic concertina line). They were 80% done when I heard them and l loved what I heard. I can’t wait for you to hear them.

Siblings Liz & Graeme, two great artists whose work I love, are developing some artwork for the album. I’m also contacting labels and PR people and hope to have some news on that front for you soon.

Meanwhile, life continues to be busy and productive. The second podcast is now out and available on iTunes and here on Soundcloud. If you could leave us a (preferably 5 star) review that would be awesome.

Anyway, I must go, the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle beckons; I must make some chutney.